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The concepts included in the Rules of the Game have helped thousands of people discover themselves, learn the art of learning, and invent their own rules for speeding up their careers. Here are a few stories of readers who were inspired, applied the guidelines in their lives, and saw phenomenal change in their success trajectory.

Name : Aastha Sayal
Location : Jalandhar
Work : Reliance Jio Infocomm
How the Book Affected Me : I am not much into reading self-help books (no offence to the amazing work of the authors), simply because each of these enumerates lots of rules to be followed, and memorizing those rules itself becomes a daunting task unless you internalize those. However, "Rules of the Game" left me spellbound in multiple ways. On one hand, the book introduced certain new ideas - treat career like a game and create your own rules, create your own brand, invest in relationships, on the other, it also revalidated some existing concepts - the importance of teamwork, communication, presentation, feedback etc. and gave insights on how to implement these for accelerated growth. The concept of 'learning how to learn' by putting ART cycle in practice has helped me improve and outgrow myself, therefore building not only my skill-set but personality as well. The interviews of highly accomplished persons not only ignited a spark of enthusiasm but carried precious nuggets of wisdom. I thank the author for this wonderful piece.

" I make the choice
Of the game to play.
Once decided, I learn its way.

I get equipped with the kit;
I train myself and grasp the trick.

I watch and learn from best players,
Playing shots that suit my flair.

Full of zeal and zest,
Internalizing the learning that I get.

I enjoy each shot,
And improve the next lot.

Winning, then, is just an outcome,
That chases me to grace its podium."

Name : Tarun Mathur
Location : Jaipur
Work : Reliance Industries
How the Book Affected Me : Since the beginning of my corporate career I was intrigued by the different ways people had pursued their passion and have risen up the corporate ladder. From my experiences I also had made my own set of beliefs. Some of them had stood the test of time. Some were still in the experiment stage needing confirmation. I too was looking out for ways to re-enforce the concepts I had learnt and wished if there was somebody who could help me enhance and validate them. It was "Rules of the Game (ROTG)" which did exactly that for me. ROTG aptly christens the concept of career management as a game and lays down how to make rules to win and succeed. I could relate to a lot of situations highlighted through Sumit's lucid writing and also learnt better ways to manage them. I started putting them in practice and did see immensely positive results. Reading the interviews of so many industry leaders inspired me to strive towards excellence through self-awareness and constant grit. ROTG has strengthened my resolve to constantly invest in myself and also nurture healthy relationships. ROTG has helped me "learn how to learn" and has also changed the way I view career challenges now and the way I use a mind map to evaluate and manage them. Thanks to Sumit for the jewel called "Rules of the Game".

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