For over 20 years, Sumit has been working on diverse roles across the world in managing industry professionals and providing leadership for large, hyper-growth companies, as well as start-ups in developed and developing markets. In his book, ‘Rules of the Game’, he talks about treating career like a game, and inventing your own rules to win the game.

Why Sumit D. Chowdhury?
  • Sumit is a multi-faceted leader with rich experience across multiple domains, and with the holistic perspective that his T-shaped skill profile brings, he can help you grow faster.
  • Sumit is a brand-ambassador of ideas, an intrapreneur, who excels at taking ideas and converting them into successful businesses.
  • Sumit is an active speaker at industry conferences and often present on print and television interviews on technology and management issues.
  • Sumit has been mentoring, funding, and incubating several start-up companies in diverse areas like health-care research, mobile & internet technologies, Health & IT Services.
  • An avid painter, an active Marathon runner, cyclist and swimmer, Sumit has a versatile personality and he brings learnings from all these arenas into managing life and career.

Want to grow fast, get sustained results, and create an impact? Learn how – from Sumit D. Chowdhury.

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