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How do you succeed in creating a fast-tracked career? How do you make it an enjoyable journey?

You have to approach your career as if it is a game and you are its star player. The Rules of the game helps you take control over your career by being aware and continuously prepared for changes and opportunities in time. You will discover, learn, and invent your own rules of managing your career.

Sumit D. Chowdhury

The Cycle of Continuous Learning

Make every moment of life a learning experience.

How do you discover your beliefs, learn from your experiences and invent your personality? The Action-Reaction-Thought or the ART cycle helps you learn how to learn continuously and to shape your personality consciously and gain control over your self. ART cycle helps you to become aware by consciously watching your thoughts, controlling your actions, interpreting the subsequent reactions, and internalizing the learning. Repeatedly going through this micro-learning cycle will lead you improve yourself in everything you do all the time and thus increasing the impact you have in your life, on others and on your ecosystem. It prepares you to break free with confidence and create your own "Rules of the Game". Learn more about it in every chapter of the book.

What Leaders speak - about "Rules of the Game"

What Leaders speak - in "Rules of the Game"

Subroto Bagchi, Chairman of Mindtree, talks about how he became aware of his responsibilities very early in his life and took charge of his career. His achievement orientation and strong mentoring from family and seniors shaped his career and how he was always eager to get feedback and be mentored. He trusted his instincts and respected all the uncontrollable and imperceptible forces that impact ones' life. He talks about how simple events made him realize how to bounce back into the game after a failure.

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Nitin Paranjpe, Global Head of Unilever Homecare Business talks about how his early aspiration was never to become the CEO but to do a great job and focus on performance. He achieved each milestone and reset his goals to the next one but was always happy with whatever he had achieved. He was never worried about plotting his career and distracted by promotions. He believes that people who are secure, confident and those who enjoy doing what they are doing will always deliver and will find themselves with rewards coming to them. The larger purpose in life could be the key to feel good about oneself. In his own words, "Being yourself does not guarantee that you will be a leader, but not being yourself guarantees that you will never be one."

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Sanjay Behl, CEO Raymond, talks about how the human potential is limitless if one sets his eye onto a sharp vision or purpose, even in the most unstructured environment, enables it with rigorous execution and catalyzes it with relentless passion. He is always putting his best and trying to win. A genuine belief in the power of team work and an ability to constructively adapt to diverse teams proved to be a vital."

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Anjali Bansal of Spencer Stuart talks about how the sense of obligation to contribute and make a positive impact has always driven her to become a leader. She was always bestowed with the art of the possible. She correlates success and happiness as two sides of same coin. Developing the capability to have a point of view helped her get places with confidence. She marvels how she got so much from her network and how she continues to give back to it constantly. In her own words, "My advice will be that you should make honest tradeoffs and be satisfied with the outcome and not compare with anyone."

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Dr. Ganesh Natarajan, CEO of Zensar talks about how real transformation came when he was able to use his capability to communicate, create a vision and rally people behind the vision. He realized that he could play a role beyond his company and influence people in the industry. He talks about how a defeatist sense of self slows down the growth of people. He also talks about how your vocabulary and well researched point of view always creates an impact. In his own words, "Leave your mind open for new inputs and eyes open for new opportunities."

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Anand Kripalu, CEO of United Spirits talks about the great impact he was able to make by believing very early on in his life that regardless of how junior you are, you can make a difference. He talks about how he is always coming prepared when he has to say something to people, and how that leads to clarity of thought. The examples that he gives in every answer provides a great insight into his down-to-earth personality and how he has developed as a leader in the industry. In his own words, "You probably have to play each game differently, one as a team leader and other as a team member."

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BS Nagesh, Founder of TRRAIN and ex-MD of ShopperStop talks about how very early on in his career he realized that he was not just accountable for his own team but a large number of people and felt that his role was not just to shape Shopper Stop but to contribute to the larger cause, which is the industry. He articulates how his mentors, especially his father, saw a winner in him and believed in him. This in turn gave him the confidence to take on big challenges in life. He articulates how you learn from your success and your failures to achieve greater heights. In his own words, "Feedback, correction, self correction, team feedback, team correction is something I had started working on from my early career".

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Roopa Kudva, CEO of CRISIL talks about how she spent the first 15 years of her life just doing a great job and not worried about career at all. However, a chance opportunity to work on an assignment in Paris opened her mind to the numerous possibilities and how she systematically captured those to reach the current role. She worked on her self-confidence, communication skills, read biographies and created a life where there was no need for discussing work-life balance. It was already there. In her own words, "What differentiates me is my ability to strip a problem to its bare basics… and see the big picture from outside-in".

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Vinita Bali, MD of Britannia, talks about how being able to enjoy your work, makes it a game and creates an opportunity to create an impact. She has captured many unconventional career opportunities across the world but not accepting the status-quo and taking decisions filled with curiosity, adventure and exploration. Her interests spanning across art, music, dance, theatre clearly shows how she can engage in multiple conversations, making her a great approachable leader. In her own words, "It is not about how you need to balance your work and your life. It is about how your work is part of your life and how it seamlessly fits into everything else you do".

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Naina Lal Kidwai, Country Head of HSBC, clearly articulates how she knew her place in history very early on in life and went ahead to achieve what she was destined to do. A very clear mind that knew exactly what she wanted but not blinded enough to miss opportunities that presented themselves. Her interview talks about many examples of events in her life that transformed her and her ideas about teamwork, leadership, communications, and how discussing her ambitions with the right people made her successful. In her own words, "..firstly do not take yourself too seriously – have fun and secondly don't take to heart every negative comment you receive but learn to balance the good and the bad."

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Dr. Chandra Sripada, Head HR of Dr Reddy's Lab and previously with IBM India, talks about how life does not come with any intrinsic meaning. You have to provide the meaning to your life and therefore how you should take charge of your career without expecting others to provide meaning to it. He talks about how you should network and contribute back to it and how personal brand building and leadership will help you develop into a great person. In his own words, "You have to see goodwill in the world to get goodwill back."

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Prasoon Joshi, Chairman, McCann Worldgroup and one of the most profound orators had very insightful moments including his contrarian advice on not reading self-help books. The logic of his conversation was very profound since there is no ready recipe for success in the world and you have to create your own. This interview is most spiritual where he talks about himself aligning to the larger energy force to what is expected of him and how various other forces align to bring success. In his own words, "I have discovered myself while writing. I eventually manifest my swadharma. I manifest my energies."

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Siddharth Roy Kapur, MD, Walt Disney Company, India talks about how his parents, teachers, mentors instilled in him a sense of self-confidence that gave him an enormous sense of self-worth. His leadership style comes from being flexible and adaptable to the different types of people to get the best out of them. His optimism about everything and ability to deal with life's challenges and feedback has helped him enormously. His ideas about keeping relevant and doing things that make him happy clearly shows in his success. He talks about celebrating the 'bundle of contradictions' we are and not pin ourselves into a designed script. "

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